Customer Experience Consultancy

We cover Customer Experience (CX), Customer Service, Customer Success and Customer Recovery - and everything that supports these - culture, strategy, projects, implementation, design and measurement.

We also train out Leadership and soft skills such as Resilience. We back everything up with coaching, and build relationships where we can support with implementation. 

We aren't just trainers. We have 'walked the walk' - delivering large scale change and transformation in the UK's FTSE 100's. So we have a hefty dose of real world experience and application. And a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) - to provide us with a firm business foundation. 

A very quick video about MKL CX. Why we are here, and our mission. 

Have a look at our products and services tab. You'll see we deliver immersive corporate events, personality profiling, leadership and soft skill training such as resilience, plus coaching. We also can deliver change, tech, people and culture projects for you. 

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