Leadership Events

Upbeat, engaging, and memorable

We've delivered just as many leadership events and courses as we have CX ones. Sometimes there's a cheeky merge going on of the two, but we love both!!

Whether your team are new, dispersed, senior, storming, in the middle of redundancy, exec, or customer facing, our leadership qualities events are tailored to each customer. There is no copy and paste here!!

The first thing we'll do is understand your key objectives. We'll ask what your team delivers, their seniority and their experience so we can tailor appropriately. We'll agree the main topics, and then set about building content that will inspire and provoke thought and action. 

One of our particular favourites to deliver is strategy and vision sessions using Lego® Serious Play®. This is a very powerful methodology and it really engages the whole group. 

You can literally pick and mix - some resilience, some team management, some EQ, some change management... a strategy session... whatever you like!