CX in Tech

MetaB3E is our sister company (previously called (MKL Innovation) - a Digital Facilities Management and Internet of Things company. We have strong ties as they deliver tech that reduces energy costs and carbon footprint - something that we fully support.

Here is a bit about them.

"We are MetaB3E, a digital Facilities Management company, based in Yorkshire. We are unique in that we're made up of three distinct but interlinking business units - traditional electrical engineering, digital FM and customer/employee experience (MKL CX). This means that we can provide the traditional electrical compliance aspects of a business, install cutting edge tech, and train and support engineers, end users and customers to ensure optimisation plans stick. 

We also have strong project and programme management skills as part of our offering which means that we can take much of the pain away from you, and leave you with the confidence and comfort that all is in hand".

Want to know more? Pop across to where you can find out how technology can change your business and help you hit your green energy and carbon zero targets in an easy and smart way!