Personality Profiling

We are Independent Colour Personality Profilers.

We are Independent Personality Profilers delivering Insights Discovery (with a strong of a focus on behaviours, communication and team dynamics) - using the colours - red, yellow, green and blue. Helping the team understand the different personalities they work with can build bonds, reduce conflict and aid efficiency and comms. As well as this, we go a step further and cover Myers Briggs (MBTI) and Belbin Team Roles. 

Personality Profiling gives you valuable insight that can immediately be applied to: 

• Build a more resilient team and a more sustainable business • Generate effective communication • Optimise personal and team performance • Maximise team cohesion and engagement • Develop a committed culture • Improve retention and attract key talent • Inform recruitment and people strategy

How can MKL CX help your organisation by using Personality Profiling? 

Profiling helps us to understand firstly our own preferred ways of doing things and then gives us the opportunity to adapt to improve our relationships with others within our business, team or with external suppliers and partners. When applied, profiling enables us to immediately communicate more effectively and provides a common language and framework for driving change in an organisation and achieving tangible results, fast. 

What can Personality Profiling help your business achieve?

• Better internal and external communication, quickly • A greater understanding of your people, their strengths and how to harness their natural abilities • More productive engagement with clients, suppliers and partners • A thriving company culture built on real understanding • Informed decision making, effective change management and tools to plan successfully for the future • Knowledgeable talent strategy and powerful interviews, improved candidate experience and successful role-fit • Higher retention rates.

Using the colours Red, Yellow, Green and Blue to bring the reports to life, your team results are easy to understand and jargon free. A team colour wheel with each of your team plotted on it can show you your strengths and gaps. 

We'll walk you through every step!

It's easy to get started! We know everyone leads busy lives, so the online questionnaire that each team member receives is quick to complete - usually around 10 minutes! It's cost effective, extremely accurate, flexible and importantly the results are easy to recall and apply.

 As a rough guide a High Performance Plus report with remote working section, and a coaching session with us for an individual, is £250+VAT.

Just give us a tinkle and we'll talk you through it!