Resilience Training and Coaching

Supplementing your toolkit with ways to bounce back more quickly!

One of our most popular products is the Resilience Training, and we have now trained hundreds of delegates in this course. We have an online version of this (Inner Armour) that you can purchase today through this page, or you can arrange for an in-person session for a group. This course is accredited by the Customer Institute. 

You can progress at your own pace with our popular online course (Inner Armour). This course is designed as 6 modules which can be completed individually or together, so you can split them over hours, days or weeks!

Click on the below to see current prices and to purchase the course. For bulk orders, please get in touch. 

For contact centres, retail staff, those in hospitality etc etc!! Click the yellow link. 

For those who work for His Majesty's Prisons, click the black link.

Above: We have delivered our resilience course to groups of Prison Officers and staff, with especially tailored workbooks as a low tech (secure) solution - we will always find a way to meet you where you are, even if you don't have wifi!

Our courses can be delivered both virtually or physically - and can be coupled with any of our other products. I.e. you could have a Corporate White Pumpkin or Leadership event with a Resilience session in the middle - 'lunch and learn' style. 


We've been coaching others for years, and supplement our experience regularly with top up courses/masterclasses. 

We cover exec coaching, career coaching, personal development - whatever it is that is the need for you.

We can couple this with the Personality Profiling if that will help. Coaching can be done face to face or virtually, and does not need to be set dates or intervals.

We offer both pay as you go options and bundles.

We'll be a listening ear and help you come to your own conclusions with gentle prompting, whip out all the tools or delve into the detail with you. Whatever you need!