Resilience Training

Supplementing your toolkit with ways to bounce back more quickly!

One of our most popular products is the Resilience Training. Especially now. Post-pandemic. A world where hybrid working is now a thing, people look forward to or dread public events and we eye all hand-shakes with suspicion. 

Below: here we have delivered our course to groups of Prison Officers and staff, with especially tailored workbooks.

We have built a course that can be delivered both virtually or physically - and can be coupled with any of our other products. I.e. you could have a Corporate White Pumpkin event with a Resilience session in the middle - 'lunch and learn' style. 

Our course book is available on Amazon to purchase. You can then sign up to one of our eventbrite sessions and follow through in the comfort of your home or give us a shout and we'll come and meet you and walk you through it (individually or as a group). 

We also have an online course where you can progress at your own pace. More details coming soon!!