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A Customer Experience and Delight Agency

We aren't going to beat about the bush. We have a thing for customers. A massive thing. Which means we love you, and just as importantly, we love your customers.

We meet you where you are. Are you a start-up which has nailed the operation, but needs a little push with the customer friendly stuff? Or maybe your business is a little longer in the tooth but seems to be receiving rather more complaints than you'd like? Wherever you are, we will support you. 

We can provide one to one coaching to all levels of your business - from C-suite and down to those call/complaint handling. We have a number of training plans we can execute, or we can support you with a full audit which can be as light touch or as involved as you like.

It's not only customers that float our boat - employee experience is also incredibly important to us, and we have lots of experience in this area too.

We cover the full end to end - we can strategise, plan and of course execute. 

Our Lead Consultant - Sharon Boyd

Sharon leads MKL CX Ltd - a Customer Experience Agency in the South of the UK. 

MKL CX is the sister company of MetaB3E (previously called MKL innovation). MetaB3E is an IoT and Digital Facilities Management Company in the UK -  where Sharon is the Chief Customer Officer, and a board member.

Sharon has delivered many £multi-million customer facing, digital transformation projects and programmes for FTSE 100 companies such as easyJet, Argos, Welcome Break and Whitbread.

These programmes have also centred around culture, values, customer and employee engagement and strategy execution. 


Sharon is a Certified Customer Experience Professional - (a CCXP). She is a Director at the Customer Institute, has been a UK Customer Experience Judge, a CX World Games Captain (multiple years), a global CX keynote speaker and has had books and several articles published. In 2021 she was ranked in the top 25 Customer Experience Influencers in the UK by CX Magazine, and came in at number 18 in 2022.

Sharon is a certified Programme Manager - holding the MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Practitioner certification, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Prince2 Projects Practitioner certification and Agile PGM (Programme Manager). She has also completed a certification in Patient Experience with the CXSA. 

She is also a colour profiling accredited practitioner and has been fully trained on Insights Discovery so is able to lead colour personality profiling sessions for individuals and groups.

Sharon has worked in aviation, retail, telecoms, IT, and hospitality. She was on the board for a Not for Profit organisation for 3 years, and now coaches leaders and teams in leadership and customer experience/service. 

She has also completed her Masters in Business Administration (MBA), and is now well on her way to gaining her PPL (Private Pilot's Licence). Sharon's background in aviation also means she is just as passionate about passenger experience, and for this reason, our office is located in the Cranfield aerodrome, overlooking the airfield!!

Our Associates!

At MKL CX - we are lucky enough to be supporting by some amazing associates! Here are just a few below. 

Helen Burt
Helen is a customer experience professional with 20 years experience working on omni-channel customer experience programmes including digital journeys for E.ON, UK Passport Service, Principality Building Society and TUI Travel. She has also delivered CX operations training and coaching for an innovative automotive brand and Voice of the Customer programmes across all sectors.

Helen has worked extensively with the likes of British Airways and John Lewis to design and implement closed loop voice of the customer programmes which have delivered real time actionable insight to operational teams. She has a wealth of tech knowledge to get the best out of your customer systems and is highly skilled at stakeholder management across multi-functional teams.

Helen has a real passion for CX and will help everyone across your organisation to walk a mile in your customers shoes to empower them to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

In 2021 Helen was a Vice Captain for the CX Innovators in the CX World Games, which was a global project. In 2020 - Helen helped launch this initiative, doing a lot of the behind the scenes hard graft to make the CX magic happen!

Anna Gretton

Anna has a strong retail background having spent 11 years working on both digital and in store customer experiences for Argos. She has worked on a number of business transformation projects with a customer experience lens during periods of investment and periods of cost saving. Her experience includes the creation of a customer service retraining initiative, introducing new fulfilment propositions online and in store and the closure of old retail propositions that are no longer part of the strategic plan. She also spent a number of years refreshing and updating tired online journeys. Her projects have contributed to noticeable improvements in online journey funnels, process efficiencies and customer satisfaction scores in store.

Anna is highly skilled at working cross functionally and building stakeholder relationships, in fact these are two of her favourite things to do! She has a passion for facilitation and an enthusiasm for compassionate communication, understanding people and a skill for sensing their feelings and needs.

With both a PhD and Masters in the field of science, Anna loves to indulge in some detail and research.

Anna loves facilitation and research projects - please give her a wave when you see her!


Chris D, Transformation Lead

Genuinely world class

"I've been involved in CX for just over 30 years, and genuinely thought that every angle had been covered by someone - until I attended an MKL CX training and leadership session! Whilst the material was common-sense based; the method of delivery, the relevance and currency of the content, and the absolute value of the messaging blew me away! It is without doubt the most inspiring and authentic training I have attended in my professional career! Huge thanks to Sharon and all at MKL for the lightbulb moments."

Ryan H, Head of People, Arm

Energising and engaging!

"Sharon and the Team at MKL CX provided both my Team and members of my wider Group a fantastic day's training that was bespoke to our needs.
The session was focused around managing change, recognising the need to pause, reflect as individuals and as a Team.
The content and delivery was fantastic, sparked a lot of conversation, engagement and laughter too.
It is very rare for an entire group to leave an all day session feeling energised and engaged!

Thank you so much Sharon and the Team at MKL CX for such an outstanding job! Nailed it!."


It has been a great experience collaborating with MKL CX

"It has been a great experience collaborating with Sharon and Mark. They are both responsive, taking a proactive approach and excellent at what they do. We would love to continue to work with them in the future"

Benjamin H

Key strengths have been built upon

"I'm really gutted the training has come to an end as I'd love to carry on developing myself and my skills! I can't thank Sharon enough, she is one of the most genuine and understanding individuals I've ever worked with/met and knows the best ways to get the most out of you and your team. Really engaging and made me feel comfortable whilst learning new skills and techniques with my new team."


Superbly shaped and run

"Just reflecting on a great day spent together with the team, in a workshop that was superbly shaped and run. Massively valuable and very well time! I'm sure we'll get the opportunity to work with you again Sharon."

Dipesh V

Thought Provoking

"Thanks Sharon, for an insightful and real thought provoking workshop, lots of ideas to takeaway and work on.

I'm feeling energetic and positive that as a team we can support each other and deliver."

Lee B

Fun and engaging session

"Sincere thanks Sharon for the fun and engaging event with plenty to "delight". "Every day is a school day", really enjoyed learning more about CX, resilience, myself and the team. Great to meet up with members of the team in 3D!"


Sharon was amazing :)

"Sharon has been amazing! We've only been working with her for 1 day but she has made the experience really enjoyable for all of us. Very happy to go and deal with some unhappy customers now! :)"


It was a pleasure working with Sharon

"The session was engaging and gave me more of an insight towards the emotional aspect and also how not every customer will be satisfied by the normal type of compensations a company can give.

I am now able to look into situations more equipped with the lens of a customer. I appreciate her taking out the time to carry out a useful and yet insightful session."



"Sharon is so lovely and made me feel so welcome. She is outstanding at what she does, getting us all involved in activities. We all learnt so much but had a good laugh at the same time. I really believe that everything Sharon showed us will be used in the field of work! Amazing experience"


Training that doesn't get you bored

"I've had two exceptional trainings with Sharon so far and they couldn't be more exciting. I was expecting it to be boring training but she made it super interesting and interactive. I find it to be a very innovative approach to training where they actually get you to put what's being taught into practice. Sharon, feel free to always sign me up to your trainings!"



"A huge thank you to Sharon, Helen and Anna. We'll be booking you again in the summer. Having someone who comes in as an extension of our team is so helpful. The work you did to transform our culture was just what I was after. Delighted."

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